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KTs WoodKrafts, produces artistic cutting boards 
for cooking as well as entertaining. 

Our Collection

Our Collection

End Grain Cutting boards

End grain cutting boards are made from a variety of hard woods that have been cut and glued into strips and then cut a second time and glued into a checker board pattern with the end of the grain facing up. They are ideal for heavy duty daily use. They will resist cuts and will maintain their durability and beauty for many years to come. They are easy to clean and maintain with soap and water and periodic conditioning with a wood conditioner such as a bees wax and mineral mix. They are ideal for use with your best chef quality knives and are less likely to dull the blades.

End Grain.png

Edge Grain Cutting boards

Edge grain cutting boards are created by cutting a variety of hard woods into strips and then turning the wood onto it’s edge before gluing them together. The board is then cut to the desired size, planed and sanded. Edge grain cutting boards are beautiful and functional. They are resistant to cuts and are easy on your favorite chef knives. They also make great cheese, bread, or charcuterie boards!

edge grain.png

Face Grain Cutting boards

Face grain cutting boards are created by either cutting hardwoods into strips and then gluing along the edges or by finishing a solid piece of hardwood. The face grain board has the least amount of strength relative to the other boards that we sell, but they make excellent bread, cheese or charcuterie boards. These boards are often one of a kind and showcase a beautiful aspect of a unique piece of wood.

face grain.png

*Price varies according to size and thickness based on cubic inches

About Us

A Little Bit Of Our Story

At KTsWoodKrafts, LLC. We love wood working and creating beautiful pieces of art with wood. We usually sell our products at the Charleston City Night Market from mid-March to December in downtown Charleston on Friday and Saturday nights from 6:30 to 10:30 p.m. We are also at the Charleston City Day Market at least one day a week. Call to see when or check our Facebook page for updates. Locally, we are also available by appointment to show our work either at our work shop or an agreed upon meetup site. Just call to make an appointment. If you are not local, simply give us a call and we can send pictures of our available product. We can also do custom orders. We offer shipping.

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Where To Buy

Where To Buy

Pay us a visit at the Charleston City Market

Call or check Facebook updates to see when we will be available at the market. The Night Market will reopen in Mid March. For custom wood working projects contact us for inquires


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